Hacienda Nápoles

$ 230.000

1 – 2 PEOPLE

$ 210.000

3 – 4 PEOPLE

$ 200.000



This tour consists of visiting the ruins of the most bloodthirsty narco-trafficker’s refuge in history, Pablo Escobar and what is now a theme park, attracting all types of public, seeking to make a connection with the environment, because Not only is it to show the horror lived in the old times of drug trafficking; That is why we will take a pass through the canyon of Rio Claro, to have the opportunity to do some activities like canooping and rafting on the waters of this beautiful tributary of the region, and interact directly with the exuberant nature of this charming area that was once center Of the country’s armed conflict and is now ready to share its beauty.

We continue in search of the Naples hacienda, bastion and center of opulence of the missing capo. There was used the history that involves this site to show the museum of memory, where through photographs are revived the darkest and violent moments lived in the country in the 80’s and 90’s. At the same time, we will visit a large open-air zoo that will remind you of the ancient zafarí that this evil man had there.



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